Bible Study Feb. 27

Today we are reading only chapter seven, it is quite long. Chapter 7 – In chapter seven Moses takes a step back and recalls the day when Israel completed the tabernacle and consecrated it and all the furnishings. With the tabernacle completed he dedicated all the Leaders. The leaders of Israel…brought their offerings before theContinue reading “Bible Study Feb. 27”

Sunday Worship “Secrets Revealed Through the Parables of Jesus”

What do you believe about the prophecy of a second return of Jesus? Do you believe it will happen, if so what will happen to mankind? Is there a heaven for believers and a hell for the unbeliever? Much of the prophecy we see in the Bible is from the Old Testament and at thatContinue reading “Sunday Worship “Secrets Revealed Through the Parables of Jesus””

Bible Study Feb. 22

Today we read of the responsibilities the priests have in the tabernacle. Chapter 24 outlines these responsibilities then chapter 25 the year of jubilation and the treatment of poor countrymen are addressed. Chapter 24 – The priests were to keep the lamps burning in the tabernacle. This is a reference to the pure gold lampstandContinue reading “Bible Study Feb. 22”