Bible Study Feb. 12

This reading concludes the book of Exodus with chapters 39 and 40.

Chapter 39 –

Verses 1 to 31

Just as they did with the tabernacle and its furnishings the skilled craftsmen made the garments following God’s instructions the ephod, the breastplate, and the robe.

Verses 32-43

The project was completed and Moses inspected the workmanship and was pleased. As a Christian we should serve the Lord with excellence whatever we are doing.

Chapter 40 –

Finally the moment of truth cam as God commanded Moses to set up the tabernacle…on the first day of the month. Everything was put into its proper palce and anointed for the priestly duties. Moses did everything as God had commanded.

When everything was in place the cloud of God’s glory descended and filled the tabernacle. God promised to dwell among His people. The same thing would happen again as Solomon built the temple and the cloud filled it and there was no room for the priests.

When the glory cloud was in the tabernacle, Israel stayed put. When the cloud lifted, Israel went wherever the cloud took them.

The book of Exodus ends with God’s people following His direction, as He led a nation of former slaves to the promised land.