Bible Study May 25

Thursday May 25, 2023

1 Chronicles 23 – 25 is our reading for Thursday.

Chapter 23

Chapters 23 – 27 are dominated by lists of personnel within the kingdom appointed by David for support of the temple and its services after his death. The list of names provide us with David’s preparation for the temple construction and worship by provision of personnel for both temple and state.

The writer depicts both David and Solomon as team for the temple project. These lists provide us with the genealogy of Levites as we proceed through the chapters. The initial list provides a basic orientation of the three clans of Levites: Gershom, Kohath, and Merari.

Chapter 24

The next list then focuses on the Aaronic priestly line in Israel. After referring in passing to the tragedy that came to Aaron’s sons the list focuses on the remaining clans of Aaron’s other two sons. Each clan is provided a role in the temple service. Each of the divisions established (19) emphasizes the need for priestly clans to follow the regulations established by the Lord through Aaron. Following this list is a list of those involved in non-priestly functions.

Chapter 25

This chapter recounts the commissioning of the Levitical musicians. Levitical music is identified as prophesying and in 25:2-5 the various clans are associated with prophetic activity. As with the priestly appointments earlier in chapter 24, so here the musicians are appointed by sacred lot and divided into twenty- four clans as a parallel to the Levitical ministry.

Published by Pastor Larry

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