Bible Study May 23

May 23, 2023

For Tuesday reading we are looking at 2 Samuel 24, 1 Chronicles 21 – 22, Psalm 30.

2 Samuel 24

For the second time David has to face the wrath of God (21:1-14) but this time he has more of the blame. It’s a hard lesson for David and his people though the chapter ends up with a note of worship that paves the way for building the temple. Sometimes taking a census is all right but the motivation behind it must have been wrong. It could have been pride in the number of those in the army that provoked the census.

It took almost ten months to get the count. Once David heard the news of the count, admitted he was wrong and confesses his action. God gave him three choices for punishment he chose a plague killing 70,000 Israelites. The prophet Gad orders David to build an altar to the Lord and he goes to Araunah to buy a threshing floor to build the altar but Araunah offers to give it to David but he refuses to accept it for free indicating that he refused to sacrifice burnt offering that cost him nothing. The altar is built and David offers sacrifices and fellowship offerings as a renewed commitment to the Lord.

1 Chronicles 21 – 22

Chapter 21 opens with the enticement by satan for David to count his people 21:1) contrasting the assertion in 2 Sam. 24:1 that it was the Lord who enticed him to do so. The Hebrew term “satan, means ‘adversary.” David’s action creates significant action against his acts by God. The death angel is about to strike Jerusalem when David cries out admitting his sin and asking God to strike his family and not the Israelites. David then builds an altar.

With the site identified the final preparations are made for building the temple. Throughout the reading we see the grandeur of the project. The importance of Solomon’s role is made clear by David, he was a warrior his son is a man of rest. Solomon will have the support of the people to build the temple.

Psalm 30

God delivers David from anear death encounter with his enemies, as a result David praises God. God the establishes David making his life secure. God seemingly deserts David so David cries out for mercy and god turns his mourning into dancing.

Published by Pastor Larry

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