Bible Study May 22

May 22, 2023

Thursday – Psalms 26, 40, 58, 61 – 62, 64

Friday – 2 Samuel 19 – 21

Saturday – Psalms 5, 38, 42 – 42

Sunday – 2 Samuel 22 – 23, Psalms 57

Today -Psalms 95, 97 – 99

Psalms 95

The Psalmist encourages Israel to praise God in words and music as their faithful deliver. He is greater than any idol of human creation. The psalmist encourages people to honor God as the creator. The second part of the Psalm makes an abrupt change when the psalmist announces his contemporaries guilty of sinning together with their forefathers.

Psalm 97

This is the third of six Psalms that focus on God’s greatness. Psalms 97 and 98 are the only Psalms in the group that do not call for singing or shouting for joy to the Lord. They both begin by saying “the Lord reigns” that is beyond our human comprehension. This Psalm depicts the pure power of God who destroys His enemies, shakes the earth’s foundation, and amazes the heavens. The forces of evil are no match for Him

Psalm 98

The prior Psalms mentioned idols but this one makes no mention of idols. However, it does contain two some common themes. Psalm 98 focuses of praising God. Because in His strength He delivers His people. He also loves His people and never forsakes them. Verse 7 – 8 commands joyful praise be made to God in song and music, God is coming to judge the world with correct and even-handed judgement.

Psalm 99

Concluding each of the calls to worship by proclaiming God is holy. God is ruler over His people, God is an upright God who dispenses evenhanded justice in Israel. The final section addresses Israel’s needs lifting the burden of their sins and yet disciplining them for their sins.

Published by Pastor Larry

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