Bible Study May 17

May 17, 2023

Reading back in 2 Samuel 16 to 18 today.

Chapter 16

in this chapter is an account of Ziba, the servant of Mephibosheth, getting his inheritance by misrepresentation of him, and by presents to David, 2Sa 16:1-4; and of Shimei’s cursing David as he passed along, which David bore patiently, and would not suffer others to avenge it on him, 2Sa 16:5-14; and of Hushai’s offer of his service to Absalom, who admitted him to be of his privy council, 2Sa 16:15-19; and of the counsel which Ahithophel gave, 2Sa 15:20-23.

Chapter 17

I will arise and pursue David tonight: Ahithophel advised a quick, selective attack against David only (I will strike only the king). He advised urgency, doing it all while David was still west of the Jordan River. It is a remarkable evidence of the hand of God and answer to David’s prayer in 2 Samuel 15:31 that Absalom even asked for another opinion after such wise, well-received counsel. he advice of Hushai the Archite is better than the advice of Ahithophel: This was the first time anyone said this – people always favored the advice of Ahithophel. One reason Absalom liked Hushai’s advice was because it appealed to his vanity. “Suicide is often the ultimate action of cowardice. In the case of Saul, and in many similar cases, it is perfectly natural; but let it never be glorified as heroic. It is the last resort of the man who dare not stand up to life.” Shobi…Machir…Barzillai: These otherwise obscure men are given special mention because they helped David in a time of great need. Friends in need are friends indeed.

Chapter 18

David numbered the people who were with him, and set captains: David knew just what to do in organizing his army. He set them into three divisions under the leadership of Joab, Abishai and Ittai the Gittite.

I also will surely go out with you: David knew that the commander belonged out in the battle. He didn’t want to repeat his previous mistake of not going to battle when he should have (2 Samuel 11:1).  You shall not go out: The people surrounding David would not allow him to go out to battle with the rest of his army. There were three reasons why they insisted on this:

· His life was more valuable (you are worth ten thousand of us).

· He could bring reserves if needed (you are now more help to us in the city).

· They understood that it would be hard for David to fight against his own son, Absalom.

Whatever seems best to you I will do: David was not stubborn. He knew how to submit to the good advice of others. He did not give up leadership; he practiced good leadership by listening to the wise advice of the people around him. So the people went out into the field of battle against Israel: Those loyal to David fought against Israel, because Israel was not loyal to David. Israel was seduced by Absalom’s charisma and power. The people of Israel were overthrown there before the servants of David: The experienced leadership of David and his captains was probably the main reason for their overwhelming victory.

Absalom only received what he deserved. He was a murderer, a traitor, and a rapist. Joab knew that David was generally indulgent towards his children and would never punish Absalom. “He had seen David’s action toward his sons characterized by lack of discipline. In the highest interests of the kingdom his hand was raised to slay Absalom.”

Published by Pastor Larry

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