Bible Study May 16

May 16, 2023

Today and Thursday we will be reading from the book of Psalms. Today we look at chapters 2-3, 12-13, 28, & 55.

Psalm 3

David uses the word many to describe the nations that turned against him. Worse than the people being a threat David did not want to lose the guidance of the Lord. Shield was a common term for God’s protection first revealed to Abraham. Loss of sleep is overcome from fear by relating to the Lord. In verse 8 the phrase about salvation is David’s answer to the mockery of verse 2.

Psalm 4

This is sometimes referred to as an evening prayer due to the references in verses 4 – 8. Worthlessness and falsehood are Old Testament terms describing idols. The satisfaction we receive from material possessions never comes close to what God can provide for us.

Psalm 12

Godly men cease to be Godly when they engage in conversation that is ungodly. Disrespect for authority and self-will lead to excesses and unaccountable behavior resulting in oppression to others. Seven indicates complete or full.

Chapter 13

The feeling of being forgotten is expressed in this Psalm. No matter how depressed the beginning of the Psalm is David ends it with a song of praise.

Psalm 28

David is asking to be distinguished from those who disregard God and practice evil. The Rock is a symbol of God, emphasizing His protection and shelter. He has heard is most likely a statement of faith, for praise often has the element of faith in it. What David has experienced is available to all people.

Psalm 55

The desire to run from problems is a common trait of most people. One of the greatest of hurts is the betrayal of a close spiritual companion. Jesus had such an experience in Mark 14:18-20.  Evil man’s fate is sealed by his animosity toward God and their stubborn refusal to repent.

Published by Pastor Larry

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