Bible Study May 12

May 12, 2023

We are back solely in the book of Psalms for today’s reading Psalms 65 – 67 and 69 – 70.

Psalm 65

Psalm 65 exhorts people to praise God. It declares the praise begins in Jerusalem and is proclaimed throughout all creation. God resolves humanities deepest need, forgiving people, drawing them to Him, blessing them. He demonstrates His abundant power using creation to show the world.

Psalm 66

All people – friend and foe alike must praise God. God’s greatness overshadows any fears that the psalmist might have about his enemies. The psalmist does not assume God will answer his prayers he just determines to keep the vow he made in times of trouble. God will do as He likes but we are to praise Him.

Psalm 67

The psalmist here emphasizes all people should praise God, who rules with uprightness. “Let the people praise you, God, let all the people praise you.” The psalmist focuses on the reason we are to praise God – He is the righteous judge who directs all nations.

Psalm 69

The psalm is written with Messianic implications. David unleashes his emotions when facing overwhelming and unjustified attacks. God who knows David’s problems does not respond and David suffers because of his stand for God. He continues sinking no longer able to control his emotions ultimately David spews out against his enemies, calling down God’s unhindered destruction on them. After venting his rage he again seeks God. God cares deeply about the needy.

Psalm 70

David uses repetition of both words and ideas to emphasize some key points: (1). Being oppressed and needy” David desperately needs help. (2). His enemies rejoice over having the upper hand over him, (3). God alone can resolve David’s problems, after which he will be able to rejoice in God.

Published by Pastor Larry

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