Bible Study May 10

May 10, 202

Our reading today is again from Psalms this time in chapters 50, 53, 60, and 75. These are various Psalms written by Asaph.

Psalm 50

Sacrifices showed the worshippers hearts and priorities. In Israel’s case, the sacrifices testified against them.

Psalm 53

The biblical meaning of the word fool is one who ignores God. When a person considers God’s existence and the importance of walking in His ways, that person has a laid a foundation for wise living.

Psalm 60

David prays for a reprieve from some type of hardship that God has placed on His people when He was angry with them (60:1). From His sanctuary the tabernacle He answers. All the land is his, He gives it to whomever He chooses. David acknowledges that both victory and defeat come from the hand of God so he against asks God for help against their foes.

Psalm 75

The Lord is in control, even when it seems as though everything is falling to pieces. God is the great Judge-Ruler who will not permit wickedness, evil powers, or the arrogant to undermine His foundations. The wrath of God is pictured as a full cup of wine in several places in scripture. The wicked are forced to drink God’s wrath once He no longer waits for His people to repent.

Published by Pastor Larry

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