Bible Study May 9

May 9, 2023

We are sharing reading time today between 2 Samuel eight and nine along with 1 Chronicles 18. As you read this think about this: Saul chased David for fifteen years why would David seek out a relative of Saul to be kind to?

2 Samuel 8

David secured many battle victories in his career as he administered judgment and justice. Moab was a territory where David spent much of his time in Moab, his great grandmother Ruth was a Moabitess. The people of Moab were born of an incestuous relationship Lot had with his oldest daughter.

We have no known reason for David cutting the hamstrung of the horses he was maybe trying to follow the command to not acquire horses or simply preventing them from war with him. Solomon gave the gold and silver from David for the building of the temple.

Chapter 9

David remembered his promise to Jonathan and sought out any family member who was still alive and he found Mephibosheth a member of Saul’s family. You can read more of Mephibosheth in 2 Samuel 16:1-4 and 19:24-30. David was extending kindness to him who had been crippled and in need of mercy. In doing what he did David showed the kindness of God along with mercy and grace.

1 Chronicles 18

The people of Israel had a troubled past with the Moabites, although the nation did protect David’s parents during the reign of Saul. More can be read about Moab in 2 Samuel 2: 1, 2. The defeat of Hadadezer king of Zobah fulfilled the promise of God to Abraham that he would rule over the north as far as the Euphrates. David made it a practice to honor God with the spoils of war that he took of both silver and gold.

Because the tabernacle and the ark was separated, God assigned one priest to each location.

Published by Pastor Larry

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