Bible Study May 4

May 4, 2023

Our reading today takes us to a couple of Old Testament books 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles. In 2 Samuel we are reading chapter 5 verses 11 to 25 and chapter six verses 1 to 23 and in 1 Chronicles chapters 13 to 16.

2 Samuel 5:11 – 25

King Hiram was the first international king to recognize David as the leader of Israel. Tyre was dependent on Israel for food. The Philistines had become concerned that David’s reign was extending beyond Judah. When David was hiding from Saul he may have been in these regions before.

As he Philistines prepared for war David sought the Lord’s guidance and God gave him the go ahead to attack the Philistines that He would deliver them into David’s’ hands. God’s way was the only way he could secure victory. The Philistines carries their gods into battle only to have them burnt by David after his defeat of the Philistines.

2 Samuel 6:1-23

After defeating the Philistines recently on two occasions David’s plan is to restore the ark of the covenant to a place of prominence in Israel. The ark needed to be returned to Israel since it was the central point of worship for them. The ark had been separated from Israel for fifty years. David disobeyed God on the proper way to transport the ark. He prepared a new cart to move it on but God had instructed them to move it by the rings placed on it with poles through the rings carried by certain chosen men. This is the way the Philistines moved the ark when they had it David was following the ways of the world not the ways of God.

As the ark starts to fall one of the men guiding it reaches out to steady which displeases God and He strikes him dead on the spot. David should have used this opportunity to repent for doing what he had done by moving the ark the way he commanded but rather he became angry and let fear direct his actions.

According to the parallel language in 1 Chronicles David is back in fellowship with the Lord – the ark is being transported as it should be. When they returned with the ark David is full of joy that he is found dancing and they are playing music in celebration of the event.

His wife, Michal, sees him celebrating and has contempt for his actions. She confronts David with her concerns and he responds why he was acting this way. As a result of her contempt she remains childless all her life.

Published by Pastor Larry

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