Bible Study May 1

May 1, 2023

We start May off with ten verses from 2 Samuel which are also captured in 1 Chronicles in our reading for today.

1 Chronicles 10

The focus abruptly shifts from the history of Israel to their exile in Babylon (586 BC) and then goes back to the reign of King Saul. Little is known about Saul here most likely people knew all they wanted to know and now David was more popular. We know Saul’s three sons were killed one lived he was Esh-Baal whom Abner later made king. He was not even mentioned, David was the one to take over Israel.

Saul sought out a medium to give him guidance which was forbidden by God – Saul was simply unfaithful. God judged Saul who took his own life after a battle. Saul’s life depicts a person who does not take God’s word seriously.

Chapter 11 –  

David was the king of the southern territory for seven years before becoming king over all the territory. Davis had a great following and at times men would pledge their support for David. Three men mentioned in verses ten and eleven who fought for and with David during his time of hiding from Saul. No matter how great the soldiers were it was God who brought them the victory. This story of these three men indicate who people supported each other and their loyalty.

Chapter 12

A complete account of David at Ziklag can be found in 1 Samuel 27. While David was hiding from Saul, he had a following that was capable of being great warriors with bow, an arrow, and a sling. The sling was a shallow pouch with two cords attached to it when filled with stones was a deadly weapon.

People were drawn to David, even the Gadites followed him while eh was running from Saul and fought with him they were trained in mountain warfare. As you read verses 3 – 38 you will see the widespread support that David had. In the day of the Old Testament the Spirit spoke to and through God’s chosen. We see that again at Pentecost. We see in verse 39 there was a feast at David’s coronation something we see at the end times when evil is conquered.

Published by Pastor Larry

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