Bible Study April 29

April 29, 2023

1 Chronicles 7 – 10 today we read more about the descendants of the tribes, the sons and chief of the men of Benjamin, those who returned from the exile and the death of King Saul.

Chapter 7

This chapter primarily covers the northern tribes of Israel. The tribe of Benjamin, while not a northern tribe, is included here. Chapter 8 will provide information on this important tribe. The woman named Sheerah founded three cities – an unusual detail in the genealogy of Ephraim. While scripture is silent about the character of Asher, the rabbinical literature of the day reports that he was an honest man, who spent much time keeping peace between his quarrelsome brothers.

Chapter 8

Verses 1 – 40 give us more extensive genealogy of Benjamin that reminds readers the Saul, the first king of Israel descended from the tribe of Benjamin.

Chapter 9

The focus shifts to the group of people who returned to Israel after being deported to Babylon – the first inhabitants who dwelt in their possession.  This passage from verses 10 -32 recounts the return of the priests and Levites along with describing the Levites responsibilities, including the role of gatekeepers. These reliable men, appointed by David guarded the tabernacle at each of the four gates to preserve its holiness. They would also prepare the House of the Lord for worship.

Chapter 10

The focus abruptly shifts from the history of Israel to their exile in Babylon (586 BC) and then back to the reign of Saul and his demise.

The three sons of Saul were all killed n battle. The Philistines worshipped the god Dagon, their god of grain. The temple of Dagon was the place where Samson died killing three thousand Philistines. Saul consulted a medium although he knew God forbids it. Apparently, God ultimately judged Saul because he did not obey Him. The story of Saul should paint a clear picture of what it means to disobey God. There are consequences to disobedience.

Published by Pastor Larry

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