Bible Study April 28

April 28, 2023

From the Book of Psalms we read today in chapters 81, 88, 92 – 93.

Psalm 81 –

This psalm or song was for the new year and the Festival of Shelters in the autumn. The new moon was the beginning of the festival, the full moon was its ending of the festival. God’s deliverance from Egypt was intended to be a testimony.

Psalm 88 –

This is possibly a poem by the sons of Korah for Heman (1 Kings 4:31) who was gravely ill with what may have been leprosy. The term pit in this verse six is another word for grave. A soul in bereavement does not have the same perspective as faith does. Although he appears to be oppressed, he remains persistent in prayer pleading to God.

Psalm 92 –      

Every morning and evening animal sacrifices were offered with praise under the Mosaic system. The use of instruments were sanctioned in the scriptures. In the Old Testament a fool is not merely a simpleton but a confirmed sinner. Be scattered literally means ‘shall scatter themselves.”

Psalm 93

This is a royal poem after other things are swept away by floods of adversity (vs. 3) hostile nations, or evil powers, the Lord and His throne stand from time immemorial and His word cannot change. God’s house is one of holiness which Paul reaffirms in 1 Corinthians 3:17.

Published by Pastor Larry

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