Bible Study April 27

April 27, 2023

The tribe and descendants of Levi are found in our reading for today from 1 Chronicles chapter six.

Chapter 6 ā€“

The first section chapter six verses one through fifteen records the line of the high priests from the sons of Levi prior to the exile. The next section verses sixteen to thirty outlining seven sets of the two generations and one set for (Kohath) for ten generations.

You may remember from our previous reading of the godly following of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam and the ungodly following by Nadab ana Abihu.

The lengthy list of temple musicians shows the role of music in the worship service. Aaron and his family along with other Levites, did not possess specific territory like the other tribes rather they lived on land provided them throughout Israel.

There is also another reference to cities of refuge that God told them to establish for a safe haven after accidentally killing someone.

Published by Pastor Larry

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