Bible Study April 25

April 25. 2023

Today we go back to 1 Chronicles reading in chapters 3, 4, and 5. There are more genealogies to read about today.

Chapter 3

These comments focus only on the length of David’s reign. Additional reading is found in the book in chapters 10 -29. Bathshua is Bathsheba by name, minus any reference to any sin David committed with her. He only focuses on the fact that he was chosen by God. The list of the descendants of Solomon could also be called “The Kings of Judah.” Jehoiakim who ruled Judah was an evil king although his father Josiah had been faithful to God.

The list traces the Davidic line from the exile to when it is written.

Chapter 4

Jabez asked God to turn any curse associated his name means – He Will Cause Pain” into a blessing – God did so we should always consider human prayers are important.

Anytime Israel was defeated God never forgot about them He always sent judges to rescue them. Caleb who is mentioned is the one sent into the promised land. The writer also has us see where the linen workers and potters skills apparently associated with particular clans or guilds.

Chapter 5

This chapter describes the tribes who were to cross the Jordan. The first tribe is Rueben since he was the first born. A them of both 1 and 2 Chronicles is that when the people cried out to God in battle, He listened because they put their trust in Him. Still the were prone to forget when they approached the next battle.

Published by Pastor Larry

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