Bible Study April 24

April 23, 2023

Today we are back in the book of Psalms reading from 43 – 45, 49, 84-85, 87 these Psalms are by the sons of Korah. Korah was a Levite, a cousin of Moses, and a man of ability and influence. Though appointed to the service of the tabernacle, he had become dissatisfied with his position and aspired to the dignity of the priesthood. He was jealous of Aaron, and secretly opposed him and Moses.

Psalm 43

Worship blesses God. It is also one of the highest things a person can do when they are sad, fearful, or distraught.

Psalm 44

The salvation of the Israelites during the Exodus – like salvation today, was only by the grace of God and His actions. His right hand is a sign of power. Remembering God and keeping His covenant are closely related.

Psalm 45

In ancient time the groom was more celebrated than the bride. The grand march was played his arrival not the bride’s. Myrrh, cassia, and aloes were spices used both at a wedding and those taken to anoint the body of Jesus. The bride if not an Israelite was to leave her family and be joined to her husband as we are to Christ.

Psalm 49

The dark saying is a perplexing question in this psalm. Why does God allow the rich to oppress the poor?  

Psalm 84

My heart and y flesh cry out for the living God is not a planned excitement but it is the reality of living in the presence of God.

Psalm 85

David Jeremiah shows us six verbs in the first three verses of this Psalm. They are been favorable, brought back, have forgiven, covered, taken away, turned from – these high light God’s redemptive work in Israel’s history.

Mercy literally means “lovingkindness” or “steadfast love.” When a person sins, it is comforting to know that God allows them to seek further grace and forgiveness.  

Psalm 87

The psalmist reflects on the city of God…. Jerusalem. The temple was where the glory of God was manifested. When Christ returns people from all nations will gather at Jerusalem to worship and honor Him.

Published by Pastor Larry

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