Bible Study April 23

Sunday April 23, 2023

We go today to the book of 1 Chronicles chapters 1 and 2 and read of the genealogy of Adam to Abraham, the twelve tribes of Israel, and the descendants of Judah.

Both chapters contain the reading of the genealogies many of the names you may be able to say but that is okay we discipline ourselves by reading them.

The genealogy is based on Genesis 5 and was recorded to show who Israel is and how she relates to other nations.

A genealogy outlines a clear sense of who lived in what generation and how the generations were connected. A genealogy can be organized in many different ways. In 1 Chronicles the writer deals with three of the tribes Judah, Levi, and Benjamin.

In reading we see some interesting comments added such as: the mention of Nimrod which includes a short explanation: he began to be a mighty one on earth.

There is more on the Philistines in Judges 13 and 1 Samuel 4.

More can be found about Abraham in Genesis 11;26 – 25:10. Most of the genealogies listed the names of the male descendants. The story of the sons of Israel can be found in Genesis 29:32 – 50:26.

The inclusion of Boaz in verses 11 and 12 would have reminded ancient audiences of David it recalls his descendant Jesus.

Published by Pastor Larry

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