Bible Study April 22

April 22, 2023

Saturday brings us back to the book of Psalms and chapters 6, 8-10, 14, 16, 19, and 20 these are all Psalms of reflection.

Chapter 6

Psalm six is the first of the penitent Psalms. David prays the words of this Psalm when he is deeply troubled. Mercy in this situation is not deserved but is urgently needed. The word translated mercies describes the deeply significant, loyal love of God. Many Psalms use this word to describe why God is worthy of praise.

Chapter 8 –The theme of this Psalm is How Excellent as we see from start to finish. God’s fingers set the stars in place, He needed only His fingers. He greatness of God is impossible to grasp for the human mind. He thinks of His people and cares for us.

Chapter 9

God is our refuge is the recurring theme in Psalm 9. The needy and the humble are people who suffer oppression for the Lord’s sake, bearing the affliction with a godly spirit.  Death is depicted like an earthly city where people are held captive – the reference to the gates of death.

Chapter 10

The question why always signals to a feeling of frustration or forgiveness. The Psalmist calls on God to punish the unbridled disrespect and scorn of the wicked. He concluded with a triumphant assertion that faith, despite all seeming challenges, the Lord is King and He does hear and answers the prayer of the oppressed.

Chapter 14

The Hebrew word in the Old testament for fool is one who is morally deficient. God has promised to be a present refuge for the righteous – a secure place for the Godly while developing hope for those who trust Him.

Chapter 16

These verses indicate three different names for God: Elohim, (the powerful creator God), Yahweh (the covenant – giving God), and Adonai (the Lord and Master of Life).  The word lot means circumstances or the place where God has put a person. Sheol is the abode of the dead or the grave. Holy One points to Jesus’ resurrection.

Chapter 19

This Psalm points out two places where God has chosen to reveal Himself: The heavens refer to what appears in the sky above, the firmament means the expanse of God’s creation. God has placed the sun in the heavens and is supreme over it. Testimony, statutes, commandment, and judgements are synonyms for God’s law, the Bible.

David’s rhetorical question expresses that without God’s Word, it is difficult for His people to know if or when they violate God’s will.

Published by Pastor Larry

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