Bible Study April 21

April 21, 2023

We begin our reading in another book of the Old Testament today with 2 Samuel reading in chapter one through four. We will read of two primary issues; David learns of the death of Saul and the problems between David and Saul

Chapter 1

Second Samuel picks up where First Samuel left off with the immediate events of the death of Saul. Adversity is the test off faith, prosperity is the test of integrity. David could handle adversity but now as king of Israel he would be prosperous – how will he handle that?

The Amalekite tried to find favor with David taking credit for killing Saul but he actually found the body of Saul his false claim cost him his life. David was distraught over the death of Saul even though he had pursued for years trying to kill him it was David’s belief he was God’s anointed.

God’s instructions for dealing with the Amalekites was specific and it was David’s responsibility to carry it out. David was sorrowful over the death of Jonathan as he would his brother.

Chapter 2

The moment David had prepared for fifteen years finally arrived. He did not rush to be king but sought God’s counsel on the matter. He would cause great risk if he moved on his own. Samuel anointed him king but public recognition would allow others to recognize his calling.

Abner’s aim was to prevent David from gaining more influence north of Judah. Joab became a prominent figure in David’s reign.

Chapter 3

Once David was anointed king, he did not pursue conflict with his opponents. He fought only when confronted. Taking a former king’s concubine was considered a power move for the throne. Abner usurped Ishbosheth’s authority so he made a false claim against Abner.

Fueled by anger at being accused by Ishbosheth Abner admitted David was the true successor to Saul. There is no indication what motivated him to do this. David had to distance himself from Joab’s murder of Abner so the nation would not be divided over it. He was successful in maintaining his innocence over it.

Chapter 4

With the death of Ishbosheth the only remaining heir to the throne was Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth but he was lame and not a likely candidate for the throne. He is introduced simply to show there is no conflict in David becoming king as far as the kingly line was concerned.

Apparently Recab and Baanah were not aware of the response by David to the death of Saul. They expected accolades for killing Ishbosheth but instead received the death penalty. He delivered the death penalty to anyone who killed in an unjust manner.

Published by Pastor Larry

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