Bible Study April 20

April 20, 2023

Today we read six Psalms 121, 123, 125, 128 – 130, all are Psalms of worship and reverence.

Psalm 121

The writer of Psalm 121 is looking for help as he travels through the hills to Jerusalem. He looks up and finds his help. Traveling in the desert one could be scorched if they did not find shade. God’s care includes His unlimited ability to keep all of us from all danger.

Psalm 123

The writer here looks expectantly to God as a servant who looks to the hand of the master. Salves were usually dependent on their masters to meet their needs. The Psalmist is in expectation as he awaits God providing for his needs.

Psalm 125

Crooked ways means paths off the ordinary trail however it also alludes to those who sin and go off the path of righteousness. The writer is comparing the one who continually sins with the one who follows God’s path. One will be driven away while one will live in heavenly eternity.

Psalm 128

Blessed is the one who fears God and respects His power and grace. One will find contentment in God and His blessings as long as they remain faithful.

Psalm 129

After the Lord cut the cords that bound Israel (Zion) to their longtime enemies the writer prays that the oppressors will not prosper. In other words those who oppressed Israel will not succeed.

Psalm 130

In biblical times “hope’ was looked at as certainty today we see it as wishful thinking. The Psalmist is standing on God’s word, he knows his redemption has a price a price paid by Jesus on the cross.

Published by Pastor Larry

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