Bible Study April 19

April 19, 2023

Today we conclude our reading in 1st Samuel reading chapters 28 to 31 and Psalms 18.  

Chapter 28

Saul was in a bad place as the Philistines had gathered to go to war against Israel. He was afraid. The Lord had departed him so he seeks out a medium for direction which God had clearly prohibited. Saul disguises himself and seeks a medium because he had put all of them out of the country. She brings up Samuel at Saul’s request and when he hears what Samuel has to say he falls flat on his face. Tomorrow you and your sons will be with me.

Chapter 29

Saul’s fate and that of his sons and his army’s fate had been sealed by God. The leaders of the Philistine commanders question Achish why David is with them fearing he will turn on them in battle against Saul. The decision is made to send David and his six-hundred man away.

Chapter 30

They return to Ziklag where they find tragedy has struck. There was nothing but smoke because the Amalekites had ravaged the city and taken David’s wives into captivity.  David finds divine intervention and seeks out the Amalekites. On his journey they find a young Egyptian who was left behind because he was sick. He leads David to the Amalekites who are defeated by David’s army and his wives are taken back. The plunder is divided among the four hundred who went to battle and the two hundred who guarded the supplies.

Chapter 31

The battle that Samuel had prophesied took place on Mount Gilboa. Saul’s sons are killed and to avoid being tortured he commands his sword bearer to kill – he reuses and Saul falls on his sword as does his sword bearer. The Philistines could not torture nor mock Saul, they behead him and take his body the bodies of his three sons and put them on display. Just Saul could have enjoyed God’s blessing if he was imply obedient. Several men of the Ammonites rescue the bodies and dispose of them properly.

Psalm 18

David wrote Psalm 18 to express his gratitude to God for delivering him from the grasp of his enemies, including King Saul. This Psalm is also found in 2 Samuel 22.

God is faithful, righteous, blameless, and pure. He is also shred and humbles those who are disobedient.  

Published by Pastor Larry

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