Autopsy of a Deceased Church Chapter 13

Chapter 13 –

Today is our last installment from Thom Rainer’s Autopsy of a Deceased Church – 12 ways to Keep Yours Alive. I will share his thoughts as presented in his book for our consideration.

Tomorrow we will a new book recap.

My Church Is Very Sick: Four Responses

“Rarely does a church move from the category of “symptoms of sickness” to “very sick” overnight. And if the church waits till it is very sick, it is extremely difficult to get better.”
“So what are some indicators that a church is very sick?

  • Significant numerical decline over the past ten to twenty years.
  • Prolonged times of apathy, often times of intense conflict.
  • The church is not known in the community.
  • New members are rare.
  • Revolving door pastors frustration and conflict limit the pastoral tenure.
  • The “good old days” syndrome are typically twenty years past.
  • We’ve always done it this way so why change.

He says, “sadly it is rare to a very sick church reverse its course.”

Four Responses

  1. The church must confess its dire need. They refuse to acknowledge their condition.
  2. The church must pray for wisdom and strength to do whatever is necessary.
  3. The church must be willing to change radically.
  4. The change must lead to action and an outward focus.

The question becomes what will a church do and what is it willing to do?

Published by Pastor Larry

I came to Asbury in June 2020 right after COVID and enjoy being in this great church. We have several things going on that can be seen on our website @ We invite you to attend our service at 2704 South Highway W in Foley, MO. I am confident you will be blessed.

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