Bible Study April 17

April 17, 2023

From chapters 25 through 27 we see three primary highlights: David marries Abigail, he once again spars the life of Saul and well among of people the Philistines for 16 months.

 Chapter 25

Samuel dies and Israel is in lament over his death. He anointed Saul as the fist king, now he is gone. David goes to Maon where Nabal lives but he is a harsh man. However Nabal has a beautiful wife who is intelligent. Nabal refuses to feed the men of David so he decides he is going to slaughter Nabal for his actions. Abigail his wife intercedes brings David a large offering of provisions for his men. As far as David was concerned, she was worth her weight in gold.

Her discernment saves her household but Nabal ultimately dies as result of a stroke of heart attack as his heart turns to stone. When David heard of Nabal’s death he took Abigail as his wife who also had another wife. Polygamy is never the choice of God and David and his family would suffer from these relationships in the future that would bring much grief.

Chapter 26

Despite his earlier repentance Saul sought to kill David once again but David finds him and approaches his camp by night. He finds Saul and got so close to them that he could see the place where Saul and Abner…the commander of his army, were lying down. David got the idea to sneak up on them and Abishai goes with him. Rather than kill him he takes his sword and water jug, Saul once again is humiliated by David. Saul promises to not pursue David anymore but David has heard that line before. David goes on his way Saul returns home. There is no further commentary on any additional pursuits of Saul but we will see Saul does not turn back to the Lord.

Chapter 27

Saul was convinced he was not safe from Saul so he goes and dwells with the Philistines. David made Ziklag his home and carried out raids from that location over the next sixteen months. This included his bitter foe the Amalekites. David made sure no one survived these raids killing everyone and taking their cattle and livestock.

Published by Pastor Larry

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