Bible Study April 16

April 16, 2023

We begin our week in the book of Psalms reading from chapters 56, 120, and 140 to 142.

Chapter 56

According to this Psalm David wrote it when the Philistines seized him in Gath when he was fleeing Saul. David calls on God to be gracious in light of his adversaries who trample (him) all day. When I am afraid, I will trust you…What can mere mortals do to me? David was confident God knew all about the emotional turmoil he was facing, God is always aware of our suffering. He again expresses praise and trust in God.

Chapter 120

The psalmist pleads with God to rescue him from those who sought to destroy him with their lying and deceit. God’s judgement would be like a warrior’s sharp arrows with burning charcoal.

Chapter 140

David appeals to God to protect him from evil men who are stirring up trouble for him. No matter what the wicked did to David he continually declares his trust in the strong Savior. He knew God was his shield…on the day of battle. He asks the plans of the evildoers to have their plans backfire on them. God will intervene in the case of the downtrodden.

Chapter 141

David petitions with urgency and desperation asking God to hurry to his aid. He prayed and did not consider this anything more than an act of worship. He did not want to be lured into sin by the delicacies of the wicked. David welcomes the rebuke of the wicked he hoped God would judge the wicked in light of how they treated people. He asks that God would protect him from death and let his enemies fall into their own nets.

Chapter 142

He declares in this Psalm his need for God in the midst of desperate circumstances. Whether David was actually alone he felt alone. No one stands up for me…no one cares about me. He needed the refuge only God could provide. He pleads with God because he is weak and his enemies are strong. He asks God to free him from the prison of his circumstances.

Published by Pastor Larry

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