Bible Study April 14

April 14, 2023

A question to consider as we read from 1 Samuel 21 – 24. How can we spend time waiting for God’s deliverance?

Chapter 21

David’s deceit causes the death of the priests of Ahimelech and other priests. Scripture records both good and bad of the heroes of the faith. David wrote Psalm 34 and 56 in response to the incident recorded in 21:10 – 22:2.

We see here a man after God’s own heart trying to act like a mad man trying to work his way out of trouble. Finding a place to hide in a foreign country is not easy so David goes to where he knows Saul will not find him. He goes to hometown of Goliath hoping no one would recognize him but they do. They refer to him as “king of the land.” Reminding his enemies David is still the true king.

Chapter 22

After his narrow escape he travels about twelve miles to the cave of Abdullam. His location is reported to his family and others who are fearful of Saul. About four hundred malcontents join him and are molded into effective fighters. Since Saul had most likely done something to his family members he asks the king of Moab if his family can stay there.  Saul is worried about a conspiracy because of the number of followers David has garnered.

Doeg the Edomite, Saul’s shepherd reports that he has seen David who received help from Ahimelech who Saul now accuses of being a traitor to which he responds he did not know David ws an outlaw. Ahimelech had no reason to doubt David, he told him he was on a secret mission.

Ahimelech’s reasoning was sound but Saul was beyond anything reasonable in his pursuit of David. Saul orders his guards to kill Ahimelech; the refuse and he then has Doeg do the deed. As a result of this David later treats the Edomites harshly. When David hears of the death of Ahimelech and other priests, he admits he was responsible for their deaths.

Chapter 23

During the time David was a fugitive he protected the land of Judah from their enemies. He attacks the Philistines for stealing grain from the threshing floors of Keilah. This victory nets David considerable plunder.

Saul hears that David is in the city of Keilah and plans to attack the city. David seeks the Lord through Abiathar.

In spite of all that David had done for the city of Keilah they will hand David over to Saul because they fear siege by Saul. David is also unwilling to fight Saul. He heads of to the Wilderness of Ziph where he receives encouragement from Jonathan. Jonathan assures him he will become king and Jonathan will be his right-hand man.

The people of Ziph are willing to hand David over to Saul so they tell him of David’s location. God has abandoned Saul and frustrates his every move. David and his men are surrounded in the Wilderness of Maon but news of the Philistine attack draws Saul away once again.

Chapter 24

Saul enters a cave to relieve himself, the same cave David and his men are hiding in, David cuts off a corner of the robe of Saul. After Saul leaves the cave David calls out to him holding up a piece of his robe. He tells Saul he is not guilty of treason, not trying to take the throne away. He has committed whole issue to God the righteous judge.

Comforted by the clear evidence that David has spared his life Saul expresses remorse for seeking to kill David and admits he has been treated badly. Saul recognizes that David will be the next king and makes him promise he will not kill his family. David understands that Saul cannot be trusted and at later point Saul will again pursue David to kill him.

Published by Pastor Larry

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