Bible Study April 13

April 13, 2023

Today our reading takes us to 1 Samuel 18 – 20 and Psalms 11 and 59 both Psalms of David.

Chapter 18

When Jonathan gave his royal robe and armor to David, he relinquished his right to the throne knowing it was for David to become king. In receiving it David showed great humility in accepting it. David behaved wisely is term used three times in this chapter to describe David’s character. Saul was jealous of David because of some women’s song and he sought to kill David. The people closest to Saul, even his daughter was choosing David to be king over Saul.

Chapter 19 –

Jonathan’s approach to his dad brought a temporary reconciliation, he also proved his word to David could be trusted. No longer did Saul hope the enemy would kill David he sought to do it himself but after two failed attempts he involves some messenger to do the work. However, the Spirit of God thwarted the messengers he was then stripped of his dignity.

Chapter 20 –

No one can alter God’s plan and God was showing David his true support system. It was a common practice for a new king to murder all heirs of the former kings family to protect from any overthrow attempts.

Jonathan transfers his allegiance form his father to David. They honor their vows to each other.

Psalm 11

As a life principle David sought refuge from his enemies. His advisers warned him to flee but he refused. God sees what is happening in the world and He will act. He will test the righteous, but the wicked will be dealt with more severely through the heaping of fire and brimstone.

Psalm 59

The events surrounding this Psalm can be found in today’s reading of 1 Samuel 19. David is punished for his own sin but he is also being persecuted by Saul which is undeserved.

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