Bible Study April 12

April 12, 2023

From chapters 15 to 18 we see where God who made Saul king now rejects him because of his disobedience. Furthermore we read where Samuel anoints the youngest son of Jesse to be king, David the meets Goliath in battle and strongly defeats him

Chapter 15

Saul wins an important battle but makes a serious mistake. He was to battle against the Amalekites a fierce enemy of Israel. The Lord had commanded Saul to destroy everything and every person of the Amalekites but he failed to do so. He brought back the captured king (Agag) the best of the sheep, goats, cattle, and choice animals. Samuel confronts Saul who makes an excuse saying he listened to the people rather than God.

At that point Samuel tells Saul he will not be the long-term king of Israel because of his failure to obey God. Samuel says to Saul it is better to obey than sacrifice. Saul finally admits to his sin but Samuel condemns his for his disobedience. God had made up His mind and Samuel; reminds Saul the God does not lie or change His mind. Saul accompanies Saul to Gilgal to offer sacrifice.

Another reason Samuel goes to Gilgal is to complete the work that Saul failed to do in destroying everything before him. Samuel kills King Agag as Saul was supposed to do. Samuel plays judge here further declaring the end of the monarchy of Saul.

Chapter 16

Several of the next chapters we read will address the rise of David to the monarchy of Israel. David is the youngest of eight sons of Jesse born in Bethlehem (that is important to remember). God directs Samuel to go to the house of Jesse to anoint the next king of Israel. He arrives and is impressed by his oldest son Eliab. After seeing the seven oldest sons of Jesse and finding no one to become king he asks Jesse if these are his only sons. He sends for David and Samuel is likewise impressive to Samuel. He is anointed as the future king.

Saul becomes troubled in his spirit because he was being tormented. His servants suggested he have someone play the lyre to soothe his troubles. David is found and becomes his lyre player to calm his spirit.

David comes into his court as the lyre player and begins to learn valuable connections concerning personal and political issues. This will catapult David into the public eye.

Chapter 17

The setting for the most famous battle maybe of all time is the Valley of Elah. The Philistines are about to battle the Israelites but there is one problem. Goliath, Philistine, is nine foot, nine inches tall and has challenged any Israelite to come battle him. Goliath says whoever wins the loser will become their servants. Goliath is making a mockery of the Israelites by personally challenging someone to come out and battle him.

David id the first person to express any interest in fighting Goliath. The remainder of the Israelites were fearful.

Eliab, the oldest brother may have been jealous but in any event his judgement of his brother is misguided. David is not trying to avoid his work he is only asking a questions the fear and the tells Saul he will fight Goliath. David tells Saul of killing a lion and a bear so Saul allows him to battle the giant. The armor is too heavy for him to wear so he takes it off, gathers five stones from the stream and takes his sling. Now it had been forty days and Goliath had grown weary of mocking the Israelites. He now sees the young David coming to him as David listens to the curses of Goliath and the acknowledges his main weapon is the name of the Lord of Armies.

David takes one stone puts it in his sling and hits Goliath in the forehead either killing him or incapacitating him, he then takes the giants sword and severs his head. He places Saul’s weapons in his tent and then takes his sword to the tabernacle.

Published by Pastor Larry

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