Bible Study April 11

April 11, 2023

1 Samuel 13 & 14

Chapter 13 –

It didn’t take long for Saul’s personal and spiritual defects to manifest themselves, to his own destruction and Israel’s detriment. He was impatient and impulsive who made decisions under pressure and then tried to justify himself rather than admitting a mistake.

While Saul was gathering his troops his son Jonathan maid a raid against the Philistine garrison that set up the huge Philistine army against Saul. Saul had agreed to wait for Samuel to come to make a sacrifice but in his fear, he went ahead and offered the sacrifice against the will of God. What was his excuse for doing so?

As a result of his actions he forfeited his right to be Israel’s king. God was working to bring in His covenantal ruler into place.

Saul’s response to his rejection is not mentioned but he was left to Philistines with only a handful of men. The Philistines prevailed because they had rid Israel of all the blacksmiths to make swords or spears.

Chapter 14 –

Saul’s son who was armed attempted another attack on the Philistines. It did not make sense for two men Jonathan and his armor bearer to attack but they did. The Philistines were uncircumcised men who were defying the armies of Israel. Jonathan and his armor bearer won a great victory.

The Israelite army pursues the Philistines so hard that Saul refused to let anyone eat, leaving the troops exhausted. He placed a curse on any man eating would be put to death. Jonathan ate some honey he found on the ground and renewed his strength. Saul was willing to even kill his own son because of the curse placed on the people but wisely he was spared. Nothing more was said and Saul did not return to battle without God’s approval.

Published by Pastor Larry

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