Bible Study April 10

April 10, 2023

As we read today the thought that entered my mind was a familiar one “be careful what you ask for.” Today we look at 1 Samuel 9 through 12.

Chapter 9

Israel demanded a king and a king they got. God set about work of controlling the choice of king for the people. So Saul came from good stock, he was impressive and a head taller than anyone else. God providentially arranges for a meeting between Saul and Samuel over some lost donkeys. They had no success finding the lost donkeys so it was suggested they seek out the “seer” for advice the seer was Samuel. Saul was looking for donkeys Samuel was looking for a king. Samuel hosts a meal most likely to get Saul out in front of people.

Chapter 10

Samuel privately anointed Saul to become the ruler over Israel. When Saul turned around and away from Saul God changed his heart. When time came for the public presentation and anointing of Saul all Israel gathered at Mizpah when Samuel called them. To be certain Samuel brought all the tribes forward from the larger to the smaller tribes most likely by casting lots until Saul son of Kish was selected from the smallest tribe.  He was a head taller and just the kind of king they wanted.

Samuel proclaimed to the people the rights of kingship and then he wrote them on a scroll before sending everyone home. Saul made a great first impression but he ultimately would not measure up to God’s expectations.

Chapter 11

Saul soon met his first test as king. Nasash, the king of the Ammonites and his army lay siege to Jabesh-gilead who were unprepared to defend themselves. They agreed to Nasash’s crippling treaty to gouge out everyone’s right eye and he was so confident that no one would come rescue them he gave them a week to decide. Help would come in the person of Saul. Saul was out plowing when he heard this news that he was angered and the Spirit of God came upon him. He went against the Ammonites and utterly destroyed them that no two people left together. This was the spiritual high before the downfall of Saul. He would ultimately prove unworthy to his high calling.

Chapter 12

Following Saul’s victory Samuel felt it was time to step aside and transfer leadership to Saul. Samuel tells the people what they do not want to hear. He reviewed the history of Israel and her dealings with the Lord from the exile from Egypt and the times they had forgotten the Lord. He recounts some of their judges but then tells them each time they relapsed into failing God. They had rejected their true king.

However, Samuel had a word of grace for the people saying, “what is done is done, so let’s move forward.” The Lord was still their God, He would not abandon His people. He vowed to continue to pray for them.

Published by Pastor Larry

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