Bible Study April 5

April 5, 2023

More idols but this time they belonged to one man Micah and in these two chapters seventeen and eighteen we also read about the Danites.

Chapter 17

For us to fully appreciate the level of depravity we see in these final chapters we must remember the priests came from the tribe of Levi. They were supposed to lead the people away from idolatry. However, everyone simply ignored the rules and did “whatever seemed right to Him.”

The first thing we learn about Micah is that he stole 1,100 pieces of silver from his mother who placed a curse on the one who took it, in fact it was within his ear. See a problem here she dedicates the silver to the Lord to make an idol. Something else of importance here she dedicates all of the silver to the Lord but then gives the silversmith only five pounds to make the idol.

Once the idol was in the house, Micah used the ephod to determine God’s will. Along comes a young Levite from Bethlehem. Micah is convinced that having a Levite in his house would bring God’s blessings to him. However, God clearly commands us to have no other gods. God will not accept partial allegiance.

Chapter 18

In those days there was no king in Israel. No governing authority to bring God’s rule on the nation. The Danites scouts found Micah’s house and they asked the young Levite about his circumstances. He has hired me, and I became his priest. They were seeking guidance for their trip and were assured of safe passage.

They found a place called Laish where the people were unsuspecting. They had no alliance with anyone who would come to their aid. Six hundred Danites set out for Laish to attack them. The Danites took the carved images, the ephod, and the household idols of Micah and he came after them.

The Danites appealed to the young man and took him into their care. Micah pursues them to get his goods back but is threatened and returns. The Danites then destroy the city, rename it Dan and in essence turn their back on a fellow Israelite – Micah.

Idolatry is a devastating sin that robs the true God of glory and cuts off His people from Him. We must remember God is our source.

Published by Pastor Larry

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