Bible Study April 1

April 1, 2023

Chapter 4

Once again Israel walked away from God so He gave them over to King Jabin of Canaan. He oppressed them for twenty years until they finally cried out for deliverance.

We are now introduced to Deborah, a female prophetess and judge. She was a leader in the civil arena. A person such as Deborah would seek God’s will for a specific scenario. She summons Barak to lead the army of Israel against Jabin’s army. Barak may have been a Levite since he was from the tribe of Levi. Through Deborah God told Barak what he was to do and how to go about doing the task at hand.

Barak resisted less Deborah go with him. Barak missed out on the blessing because he balked at obeying God. If God could not fine the right man then he would find the right woman.

Sisera, Jabin’s commander, had an unlimited amount of war equipment at his disposal. Deborah to Barak Go the is the day God has handed over Sisera to you. The victory was in his hand, he just needed to take it. The Lord threw Sisera into a panic before Barak’s assault. We see then Sisera runs to the tent of Heber the Kenite whom they had an alliance with. He wanted Heber’s wife Jael to lie for him saying he wasn’t there but instead she drove a peg through his head and reports what she ahs done to Barak when he arrives. God and men working in partnership against a common enemy is the principal behind spiritual warfare.

Chapter 5

Deborah and Barak sang a sone of victory and praise but the Lord was the hero in this battle as He is in all battles. Deborah is significant because she was a mother of Israel (5:7).

After recounting the victory the song praise Jael as the most blessed of women. By her actions she saved the life of her husband who thought it no problem to align with someone corrupt like Sisera. As a result the land was at peace for forty years.

Published by Pastor Larry

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