Palm Sunday Message Notes

Tomorrow begins Holy Week in many denominations of the Christian church. Palm Sunday finds us celebrating Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Messages around the world will center on His entry and the word “Hosanna.” Tomorrow’s message at Asbury will look at John 12:9-19. However, I will be looking into three words found in verse sixteen “Then They Remembered.” Too often Easter comes and goes and what do we remember of those three words?

Join us at 2704 South Highway W in Foley if you can our service begins at 9:00 you will an opportunity with our starting time to spend a happy Easter with your family, do not neglect God. You will also find our service in Facebook. If you do not have a regular church join us, if you do be sure to attend.

Published by Pastor Larry

I came to Asbury in June 2020 right after COVID and enjoy being in this great church. We have several things going on that can be seen on our website @ We invite you to attend our service at 2704 South Highway W in Foley, MO. I am confident you will be blessed.

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