March 29 Bible Study

Chapter 19

Finally, Joshua received his personal inheritance. Like a good leader, he made sure all the people had received their territories before settling down in his own. The Lord agave him the city of Timnath-serah in the hill country of Ephraim and now that was completed the remainder of the dividing up was completed.

Chapter 20

God told Moses in Numbers 35:9-34 Israel was to establish cities of refuge for anyone who accidentally would kill someone who did not have hate in his heart. The accused would stand at the entrance of the city gate and plead his case to the elders where they adjudicate the offence. If the accuser of the deceased one came looking for him, they were not to turn him over to them.

If he was found innocent, he was allowed to return home. They Israelites established six cities as cities of refuge.

Chapter 21

The tribe of Levi had no allotment of land since they served the Lord, He was their inheritance. Nonetheless they still needed a place to live. He families approached Joshua and the Israelite pf Gods promise.  Within the cities divided the Levites were to receive cities with their pasture lands. They received a total of 48 cities.

As a fulfillment of the promise the Lord gave them all that He had promised. Additionally, He gave them rest on every side. None of His promises failed to come to pass. This is great reminder that today we live in a land of broken promises but God always keeps His.

Published by Pastor Larry

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