Sunday Message Notes 3/26/2023

If you attend church, you most likely want to see your congregation grow. That is an admirable goal but the question that comes up so often is How do we do it? I know I am called to share my story, share my witness about Jesus but where do I go, what do I say, how do I say it? Too often we believe it is difficult or I do not know what to say.

These are some questions we will delve into the Sunday as we share a message entitled “Six Imperatives” from Acts 2:12-26. I have been reading some excellent books on recapturing dying churches, simplifying all that is done at church, thinking about a mission statement that is simple but it all focuses on making disciples.

Join us Sunday morning @ 9:00 Am at 2704 South Highway W in Foley, MO. or on Facebook.

Published by Pastor Larry

I came to Asbury in June 2020 right after COVID and enjoy being in this great church. We have several things going on that can be seen on our website @ We invite you to attend our service at 2704 South Highway W in Foley, MO. I am confident you will be blessed.

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