Bible Study March 24

March 24, 2023

If you have been following our reading and study today we conclude the Book of Deuteronomy with chapters 32 – 34 and we read the 91st Psalm.  We have completed five books in the Bible. As we see today from our reading the “Song of Moses”, Moses will die on Mt. Nebo, Joshua will succeed him. Psalm 91 is a psalm of protection, one very familiar to us.

Chapter 32

Moses proceeded to recite the song to the entire assembly of Israel. It is an incredible teaching instrument the traces God’s dealings with the nation of Israel. It is a testimony to the greatness of God whose work is perfect.

The Lord had nourished Israel throughout their journey but once the people enjoyed these blessings the became fat, bloated, and gorged. They forgot their roots. Israel’s flagrant disobedience provoked God who said I will hide my face from them. God’s anger is compared to a raging fire (33:22) He would take their lives from the infant to the gray-haired man.

We might wonder what Moses’s hearers were thinking when they heard him say, Israel is a nation lacking sense with no understanding at all. We all think we will do better them others but we should realize we are all prone to mistakes, we should learn from them. Moses concludes the song with a word of deliverance for Israel after God’s fierce judgment had run its course. But Israel had to learn the hard way. Moses taught them the words of life to ensure their blessing in the promised land.

Chapter 33 –

The blessing Moses provides in the chapter is like last will and testament. I t was modeled after the blessing Jacob imparted to his sons. He then outlines instructions for each of the tribes starting with Reuben, then to Judah, then to Levi, Benjamin is called the Lord’s beloved who rests on God’s shoulders which is the picture of great peace of the lamb laying on the shoulders of a shepherd. Then on the Manasseh and Ephraim, Zebulun, Naphtali, and Asher.

Moses concluded this chapter with his blessing on the tribes of Israel with his final words of praise to the God of Jeshurun. If only Israel would love and serve their God.

Chapter 34

With these words Moses walked up Mount Nebo to his funeral where God showed him all the land of Israel. Moses died on Mount Nebo and was buried by the Lord in the land of Moab even though he was not weak and had not lost his vitality. The closing tribute to Moses ends this book with the truth that no prophet like him ever rose again in Israel.

However, one day a new kind of prophet would arise an even better one He would be a man but far better than a man.

Psalm 91 –

The psalmist expresses great confidence he has in the security the comes from dwelling in the shadow of the Almighty with Him there is abiding protection. God covers His own in faithfulness providing them with a shield of protection. The one who makes God his refuge will not experience harm because the Lord has commissioned His angels to watch over him.

The psalmist communicates God’s promise to deliver and protect those who set their hearts on Him.

Published by Pastor Larry

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