Bible Study March 22

March 22, 2023

Moses speaks to the Israelites once again and speaks of God’s restoration, they can choose life or death, he tells them Joshua will succeed him, and ultimately after all he has said he ends it with a prediction of rebellion. We read today from chapters 30 and 31.

Chapter 30 –

 Moses pleaded with the Israelites to maintain faithfulness in the Lord once they crossed the Jordan and took possession of the promised land. He gave them a future and a blessing for those listening to his message. Moses was speaking about Israel’s full spiritual restoration and material blessings in the kingdom age which will not come until the return of Jesus Christ in His millennial kingdom. In other words, we are still waiting for it.

But at that time God will give the people of Israel new hearts to obey Him.

Moses spent most of the book of Deuteronomy explaining God’s law and urging the people to obey it. He argued the law was very near to them, something he had very graciously made known to them. Moses told them once again the requirement for life – to love God, walk in His ways, and keep His commandments.

Chapter 31 –

 Moses’ messages were over he had come to the end at 120 years old. It was not his age that would prevent him from entering the promised land, it was his earlier disobedience. He knew for certain though the Lord would cross in front of them.

He told them to be strong and courageous. He then turned and said the same words to Joshua/ Moses wrote down this law and gave it to the priests with commands to have it read aloud every seventh year when the nations gathered for the Festival of Shelters. The public reading of the law would have benefits for review and education.

Joshua had been publicly commissioned by God as the successor to Moses God was once again ratifying His call on Joshua. The Lord did give some heartbreaking news to the Israelites He said they would prostitute themselves with foreign gods in the land of Canaan they would abandon God and break the covenant. God also gave Moses a song as a reminder for their troubles and afflictions they would encounter if disobedient. Moses must have left the meeting with mixed emotions: sadness over the future of Israels sin, joy in knowing that his legacy would continue through the writing of the covenant.

Published by Pastor Larry

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