Early Church

Luke was one of the first twelve apostles chosen by Jesus to serve His earthly mission with the greatest man to ever walk on the earth. Luke was a physician who most likely gave up his lucrative career to follow Jesus. He gave up his medical practice to research, write, and travel with Jesus.

Luke also is given credit for writing the Book of Acts which should be the model for the church in today’s world. An amazing revival broke out at Asbury because one young man stood up and confessed things in his life.

Luke sets the stage for the new Testament church. I ask this question “Are you a part of the New Testament church Luke spoke about? The holy Spirit is mentioned in the book of Acts over fifty times. Is your church Spirit filled and led by the Holy Spirit who gives all wisdom and guidance?

Check us out tomorrow as I share a message bout the church. You can join us in person or on Facebook by searching Asbury Foley UMC.

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