Bible Study March 15

March 15, 2023

Today we read about God’s commands, the replacement of the Tablets containing the Ten Commandments, and the repeating of the story of the golden calf.

Chapter 8 –

 Moses was a great historian who knew what God’s people had been through, he also was a great teacher who wanted his students to learn about and be obedient to God.

God’s teaching for the Israelites humble dependence on and obedience to Him was something they needed. God is the ultimate parent who disciplines His children to become wise parents.

In contrast to the wilderness the promised land offered an abundance of water, crops, and minerals. But with prosperity comes temptation. The human heart can quickly turn from thanking God for His blessings to puffing up with pride. To often people say My power and my own ability have gained this wealth. To counter arrogance, Moses made one of the great statements of kingdom economics Remember the Lord your God gives you the power to gain wealth. The Israelites were told if the acted like the Canaanites they would fare the same as they did.

Chapter 9 –

Moses emphasized the challenges that lay ahead of them on the other side of the Jordan River. There was a need to drive out nations greater and stronger than Israel. Moses also warned them against spiritual pride: Do not say to yourself, The Lord brought me in to take possession of this land because of my righteousness. He pulled no punches when he call them stiff necked people.

The last comment led Moses to offer an extended illustration of the Israel of the rebellious nature of the Israelites. He said, “Remember and do not forget.

God was angry about the calf incident that he threatened to destroy Israel and start over with Moses. Moses too, was furious and smashed the tablets, he burned the calf tot eh ground and put it in the water source. Then Moses fell down and interceded for the people.

He closes chapter nine by saying You have been rebelling against the Lord since I knew you.

Chapter 10 –

Moses continues his story on the vents from Sinai and beyond. He told the Israelites how God had replaced the stone tablets of the law that ad been broken and to build an ark to house them in.

He refers to the death of Aaron in verses six through nine and the succession to the priesthood by Eleazar. He resumes his narrative recounting his second stint of forty days and forty nights on Mt. Sinai. Then it was time for the nation to possess the promised land Canaan. Living there would require the people to fear the Lord.

God was worthy of Israel’s complete devotion because he is the Lord of creation to whom everything belongs. The God of Israel is the God of gods and the Lord of lords, the god of justice, love, and mercy who calls on His people to show the same mercies and qualities.

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