Bible Study March 3

Friday March 3, 2023

The rebellion of Korah a son of Levi along with two others cause trouble among the people as we read in chapter 16 then in chapter 17 we read where Aaron’s authority as priest is challenged.

Chapter 16 –

Several of the recent studies have shown us times of rebellion by the sons of Israel. All the things God had done or them and it seems they find a means to complain.

Today it is two hundred and fifty rebels following Korah, a son of Levi. The men were prominent Israelite men who were leaders of the community and representatives in the assembly. Korah, being a son of Levi, was already set apart for honorable work along with the others.

They came as Miriam and Aaron did when they complained about Moses and said, Why then do you exalt yourselves above the Lord’s assembly? Jealousy will destroy a person. Listening to their complaints and charges brought against Moses and Aaron one would wonder where they were when discipline came to those who disobeyed God.

Moses knew they were not sinning against him but against the Lord so he falls on his face in worship and prayer. God gave him directions and the next day for an event would take place in the entrance to the tabernacle. Directions were given to the rebellious ones for what to bring the next day.

Moses knew the reason for Korah’s changes – he wasn’t content to serve the Lord he wanted to be a priest an office given to Aaron by God.

Dathan and Abiram, two of the co-conspirators, were also prominent leaders in the assembly. In their minds the land of Egypt was the land flowing with milk and honey. They felt Moses had so deceived the people that the only way he could hide his true intention to kill everyone in the wilderness was to gouge their eyes out of the rebels who knew the real truth.

God spared the community but there would no reprieve for Korah and his followers. The community had enough sense to move away when Moses directed them to get away from Korah. Moses then announced to everyone how they would know that the Lord had called him to lead the people. If the rebels died a natural death, then Moses, was an imposter. But if the ground (opened) and (swallowed) them it would be an unmistakable sign that Korah had rebelled against God. What followed must have been a terrifying scene.

That should have solved it but the next day the entire Israelite community complained and Moses and Aaron, accusing them of killing the Lord’s people. All they had seen and still complaining. Again Moses falls face down asking God to spare the people which He does. However, He did palce a plague on them for their disobedience sin always has consequences. The plague was halted but not until 14,700 more people had died.

Chapter 17 –

Since Aaron’s authority as priest had been challenged God took some action to show them who He had placed in this position. A leader from each tribe was to bring a staff forward. There would be one for each ancestral tribe, twelve staffs from all the leaders of their tribes. Each tribal name was written on the staff and Levi was written on the staff of Aaron. Moses did as instructed. When he entered the tabernacle the next day, Aarons’… staff had sprouted, formed buds, blossomed, and produced almonds. The staff was placed back in the tabernacle as a reminder and warning to any rebels in the assembly.

It seems as though the people finally got the point they were afraid to go near the Lord’s tabernacle. Moses says nothing to clam their fears maybe happy they finally revered the Lord.

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