Bible Study Feb. 28

Tuesday February 28, 2023

Numbers 8, 9, and 10 discuss the seven lamps as ordered by God, the Passover, and the silver trumpets.

Chapter8 –

The Lord’s next instructions was to the priests and the Levites. First, Aaron was to light the seven lamps in the tabernacle then came the instructions for the cleansing of the priests. They were to have their bodies sprinkled with purification water, shave their bodies, and wash their clothes.

God then made a presentation and a gift of His own. He told Moses to have the Levites stand before Aaron and his sons… present them before the Lord as a presentation offering. The reason was to separate the Levites from the rest of the Israelites.

God then turned around and gave the Levites exclusively to Aaron and his sons to perform the work for the Israelites at the tent of meeting. This chapter concludes by affirming Moses. Aaron, and the entire Israelite community obeyed God’s commands.

Chapter 9 –

God understood the importance of the Passover by commanding Moses to have Israel observe this festival at its appointed time on the fourteenth of (the first) month of twilight (9:2-3). There were some Israelites that had been disqualified because they had come in contact with a human corpse. They came to Moses asking why they should be excluded fro presenting an offering at the appointed time. Moses appealed to God and God’s answer was gracious and provided direction for future generations. They must wait a month to sacrifice.

Then God dealt with two situations that Moses did not anticipate: the first concerned an Israelite who simply skipped the Passover, that person would be cut off which could have meant banishment or death. The second dealt with an alien coming into camp who wanted to observe the Passover. They were permitted as long as it was done according to the passive statue and its ordinances.

Chapter 10 –

Two million people traveling required organization=, precision, and clear signals, especially in time of war. God prescribed signals that would be used to call the entire congregation or just their leaders. The Lord was going before therefore He would save them from their enemies.

The day of departure finally arrives when God determined it was to move. God announced the message by a cloud that was above the tabernacle. The order was laid out and the tribe of Judah would lead the processional. Verses 18 – 28 outline the order they were to follow.

Moses invited his relative by marriage, Hobab, to join in the journey. Hobab knew the area well and Moses was hoping to get his assistance but he declined. They began a three-day journey with the ark of the Lord’s covenant traveling…ahead of them…to seek a resting place for them. Moses must have comforted by tow things the ark going before them and the cloud directing them by day.

Whenever the ark set out, Moses would raise what was essentially a was a war cry calling on the Lord to scatter his enemies and cause those who hated Him to flee from His presence.

When the ark came to rest, Moses called to God to return…to the countless thousands of Israel making a request for a comforting presence and protection over the people.

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