Bible Study Feb. 27

Today we are reading only chapter seven, it is quite long.

Chapter 7 –

In chapter seven Moses takes a step back and recalls the day when Israel completed the tabernacle and consecrated it and all the furnishings. With the tabernacle completed he dedicated all the Leaders.

The leaders of Israel…brought their offerings before the Lord six covered cart and twelve oxen…presented them in front of the tabernacle. These carts and oxen were distributed based on the various Levitical families:

  • The Gershonites received two carts and four oxen for their service,
  • The Merarites received four carts and eight oxen for their service,
  • The Kohathites did not receive any because their responsibility was to carry the holy objects on their shoulders.

What follows the remainder of the chapter is a list of the dedication gifts for the altar that the leaders of the twelve tribes brought for the altar in the tabernacle.

Verses 12 – 83 lists all the presentation gifts from each tribe in Israel.

The chapter ends after all the gifts are added up Moses entered the tent of meeting to speak with the Lord and hears His voice speaking to him from above the mercy seat that was on the ark of the testimony.

This was a pivotal moment establishing a new communication between the Lord and Moses as they spoke directly to each other.

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