Bible Study Feb. 12

Much of the reading today talks about the continued construction with explicit instructions on construction. We read of this in chapters 36 to 38.

Chapter 36 –

The Lord placed wisdom in their hearts as good stewards of the work to take palce.

Keep in mind that the tabernacle was completed from the sacrifices of the people and in fact Moses had to tell them to stop giving, when have we seen that in the modern day church?

If you compare these verse in 36:8-38 you will see virtually all of it is a repeat. The point of repeating it was to show those who built the tabernacle did not improvise. They followed God’s instructions word for word. Everything that god said they did.

Chapter 37 –

Verses 1 to 38:20 indicate the skilled workers made everything God commanded to exact detail. The description again repeats the instructions from God through Moses.

Chapter 38 –

At Moses’ command of those building the tabernacle took an inventory of all the materials sued that were donated and used. This is clearly an expensive and detailed work using tons of gold, silver, and bronze.

The material used for building the tabernacle came from the plunder of the Egyptians.

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