Bible Study Feb. 11

Reading today from Exodus 33 to 35 we see Moses again receiving the tablets of stone with the Ten Commandments written on them.

Chapter 33 –

God told Moses to lead the people to the promised land and He would drive out any enemies they encountered. But, because of the people’s sin He would not go with them. He would not be dwelling among His people. A land of milk and honey yet lacking the presence of God. To show their remorse they remove their jewelry.

Moses then took a tent and pitched it outside the camp in order to meet God. God had not completely abandoned the people yet. Anyone who wanted to consult with God could go to the tent of meeting outside the camp. God makes His presence available to anyone who seeks Him.

The Lord knew Moses and Moses had found favor with God yet Moses wanted more in their relationship. Moses says to the Lord Please teach me your ways, and I will know you. God will teach us we must be desiring His teaching and training. Moses intercedes once again for the people telling God consider that this nation is your people. God relents and His presence goes with them.

Yet Moses was still not satisfied and asks God to show him His glory. Although God would not allow a human to see His face, He did allow for His goodness to pass by Moses.

One day we will see God but until then we walk in faith.

Chapter 34 –

God tells Moses to prepare two stone tablets and got to Mt. Sinai, alone. God is rich in mercy and grace. God’s glory passes over Moses and he again pleads for  forgiveness for Israelites. In spite of their failures God vows to keep His covenant made the patriarchs of old. He goes even farther and agrees to drive out the inhabitants of the promised land. The Israelites were not to make a treaty with any nation or intermarry with them. His people should not bow down to another God.

In verses 18 – 26 we see God repeat a number of his commands. God has Moses write down the words of the covenant as he spoke. Moses spent another forty days in the Lord’s presence writing down all that he was told. Moses received a transformation as his face shone. God wants to make a transformation is each of our lives. First, we have to seek Him and be earnest in it. We need to go deeper in our commitment to gain a deeper relationship.

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