Bible Study Feb. 9

Reading today from chapter 28 and 29 my mind immediately thought of something. We live in a society today that is quite talented and around any corner we can find a craftsman to make anything we want or desire. We may think we’re pretty good with all these opportunities and skills be availed to us.

As you read the account of the making of the garments for Aaron and his sons think about the quality of the craftmanship you see here.  The instructions are down to each detail even adding the names of the Sons of Israel in order on the onyx stone.

Chapter 28 –

God chose the descendants of Levi to care for and transport the tabernacle and its furnishings. From the tribe of Levi He chose Aaron and his descendants to serve as the priests of Israel.

The ephod or “priestly garment” was to be made with specific instructions from God to be followed. It would contain quite an elaborate make up worthy to honor God. It would be made of the finest materials, gemstones, made entirely of blue yarn with gold bells attached to its hem. Additionally, he would wear a turban with the words Holy to the Lord engraved upon it.

The final garments for the priests included tunics, sashes, and headbands. The were beautifully woven to set apart Aaron’s sons and gave them glory and beauty. All of these stipulations and requirements had to be carried out so that the priests did not incur guilt and die.

Chapter 29 –

Verse 1 – 42

Moses was to engage in a seven-day ceremony to consecrate Aaron and his sons to the priestly office. This included ceremonial washing (29:4), dressing in priestly garments (29:5-9), anointing with oil (29:6), sacrificial offerings (29:10-28, 35-42), and an ordination meal (29:31-34).The blood of one of the slaughtered lambs was to be placed on Aaron and his sons. The whole body would be consecrated to the Lord’s service – ears to hear, hands to work, and feet to walk in His ways.

Verses 43 – 46

Through all of this the Lord would consecrate the tent of meeting and the altar, as well as Aaron and his sons…as priests. Through the priestly ministry in the tabernacle God would dwell among the Israelites and be their God.

Israel would know Him as their God, who brought them out of the land of Egypt. In this way God would bring His rule to the nation of Israel.

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