Bible Study Feb. 8

Reading today describes an encounter Moses has with God who outlines the construction of the tabernacle chapters 24 through 27.

Chapter 24 –

God’s covenant with Israel was inaugurated with a ceremony with Moses, Aaron’s sons, and seventy elders of the people were called to approach the Lord. This indicates that worship begins with a divine invitation.

Once received Moses relays the commandments from the Lord to the people. We learn from God because He decides to tell us. We need that revelation. Moses builds an altar and sacrifices are offered. They eat and drink and God is allowing them to see some of His glory. He then summons Moses up to the mountain. He summons him to give him the law and he is accompanied by Joshua.

Chapter 25 –

The following chapters provide the instructions God gave Moses for the construction of the tabernacle. Preparing its furnishings, outfitting the priests, and consecrating everything for the Lord’s service.

The Israelites are to make the tabernacle and all its furnishings. This would be a tent where God would make His presence known. God gives specific instructions as to its construction down to the type of wood, the gold overlay each intricate detail He has laid out for them.

Chapter 26 –

These verses outline how the tabernacle is framed and constructed. This was not a structure that man devised a plan for it was directly from God. A curtain was to be made to separate the holy place which contained the table and the lampstand from the most holy place, which contained the mercy seat on the ark. Only the high priest could pass through the curtain into the most holy place – – only once per year on the Day of Atonement. On the day of Jesus the curtain was torn by an unknown hand indicating that man can now approach God directly.

Chapter 27 –

The next item to be made ws the altar which would be used for sacrificing burnt offerings to the Lord. It was to be overlaid with bronze and all the utensils were made of bronze.

Verses 9 to 19 describe the rectangular courtyard for the tabernacle including all details on construction. The height did not allow anyone to look inside and they were to burn only pure olive oil crushed from olives as fuel for the lampstands.

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