Bible Study Feb. 6

Today we are reading beginning with Exodus chapter sixteen

Chapter 16

Verses 1-7

We see the Israelites grumbling and note in verse it says all the congregation. That means six hundred thousand men plus women and children. Can you imagine thinking making bricks in Egypt was a better life than this. But God heard their grumbling and provided for them. They were to gather only a day’s need of food He provided.

Verses 8-21

God was leading them and protecting them but they could not see His hand any to clearly. He gave specific instructions for them to follow. Take what you need for the daily supply, our daily bread. Verse twenty but they did not listen to Moses and left some part until morning and it bred worms and became foul.

Verses 22 -35

They were told to gather twice as much on the sixth day because they were to observe the sabbath and no manna would be available yet some go out to gather it (vs. 27). No one was supposed to go out and they rested on the sabbath.

Chapter 17

Verses 1-7

Grumbling begins again as they have no water and again wish they were making bricks rather than having their freedom. But once again God provides and gives Moses’ instruction on striking a rock at Horeb. God will always provide we must wait for His moving.

Verse 8 – 15

The first war is recorded in Exodus with a battle against Amalek. Moses gave the plan to Joshua and he went to the top of the hill. Interesting that when Moses raised his arms Joshua prevailed but when they dropped Amalek prevailed. Be sure to check out the account of what happened in verses eleven through thirteen.

Chapter 18

Verses 1 – 16

Jethro the father-in-law of Moses comes to visit and Moses tells him all that has happened to Pharoah and their journey out of Egypt. Jethro rejoiced over all that happened and in their success. Have you ever known someone who could enjoy the success of another?

Verses 19 – 27

Jethro counseled Moses and encouraged Moses to be the mediator not the judge. He should be telling the people about God and how to follow Him but that he should select men who were God-fearing to judge. Moses could continue to judge every major case but the minor cases should be left to others to decide.

Moses listened to Jethro and chose leaders to serve in the young nations new judicial system. God used a Gentile man to prove wise counsel to a Jewish nation.

Chapter 19

Verses 1 – 17

God told Moses if the people will obey the voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own possession among the peoples, of all the earth. They are to follow certain instructions a s to wash their garments and be ready to hear from God when called to listen.

Moses brings all the people to the foot of Sinai to hear from God.

Verses 18 – 24

When God revealed His presence to the people they all shuddered. Thunder and lightning along with a dark cloud appeared and the deafening sound of a trumpet. Moses ascended the mountain to hear from God the goes back to tell the people what God has told him. The people were to remain at the mountain’s base.

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