Bible Study Feb. 2

Exodus chapters 6 through 9 we see Aaron’ s staff become a snake and plagues one through seven are placed on the Egyptians because of one man – Pharoah.

Chapter 6 –

God did not rebuke Moses because He saw the strain Moses was under Now God said you will see what I will do to Pharoah. God reminded Moses of the covenant He made with the patriarchs and He was going to fulfill His promise in the covenant made with them.

God’s plan was to set Israel free for fellowship not that they do their own thing but the worship and fellowship with Him. But the people refused to listen because of their broken spirit.

The story is interrupted by listing the genealogy of the of the heads of the family.

God identified who He wanted to lead the people out of Egypt.

Chapter 7 –

Moses and Aaron had the right credentials to do the work. Pharoah’s heart was hardened and he refused to listen to Moses as he spoke through Aaron. Moses and Aaron did just as the Lord had commanded them to do., they go to Pharoah and to try to persuade him to release the Israelites and let them go by signs from God with the staff of Aaron. He magicians copy the same acts of God but their staffs are swallowed by the staffs of Aaron.

The first plague is brought to the Egyptians by turning the water into blood in the River Nile. The magicians did likewise but probably on a smaller scale (7:22). Even if they could mimic the actions they could not reverse it.

Chapter 8 –

Moses and Aaron return with these words “Let my people go, so that they may worship me” (8:1). This time with Pharoah’s refusal a plague of frogs come upon the Egypt and frogs are everywhere. Pharaoh relinquishes and the frogs are gone but he does not follow through and then gnats came upon the land. Pharoah was given many opportunities to repent yet he failed to do so. The next plague is swarms of flies and insects but look closely at verse 22, what does that tell you about the area where the Israelites were?

The next plague is one brought to livestock in the field. The livestock of the Hebrews would not die only those of the Egyptians. Although Pharoah saw none of the livestock of the Hebrews dead he refused to relent.

Chapter 9 –

Then came the plague of boils covering the nation to where even the magicians could not stand face to face with Moses. Before unleashing the seventh plague on Egypt God warned Pharoah to release the Israelites. God was giving him a chance to repent realize God was God and he was not.

In verse 16 we see “I have let you live for this purpose, God continued, to show you My power end to make my name know on the whole earth.  Because of the unwillingness of Pharoah plague number seven was to come this time hail ws to rain down as the worst hail in Egypt. Everyone not under some type of cover would die both man and animal. Guess what it hailed everywhere but in Goshen where the Israelites were.

Pharoah ultimately confesses his guilt and begs Moses to pray for him. Moses however said to him I know that you still do not fear the Lord God. (9:30).

This is an interesting note in verse 31 to 35. Even in the midst of the plagues God was still merciful to Egypt. The flax and barley were destroyed, but the wheat and the spelt were not damaged because they ripen late.

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