Bible Study Feb. 1

Today we begin in the book of Exodus. No particular writer of Exodus has been identified but it was most likely Moses. Exodus opens up where the Book of Genesis ends with the death of Joseph. But by 1:8 the narrative has surpassed three hundred years.

The first half of the book describes to exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt through the miraculous deliverance of God in the plan. The second half explains how God entered into covenant relationship with Israel (in spite of their sins), gave them His law, and established the tabernacle.

Chapter 1 –

The word of God had come to pass as the descendants of Joseph did in deed multiply and after the death of Joseph and his brothers the new king came into power and did not know Joseph.  He decides to exploit the Israelites to make bricks and get economic results out of them.

Pharoah in his concern for the growing population decides to implement a program to kill all male babies but the midwives said they arrived too late to kill the babies who were born. When his plan did not work, he commanded all his people to throw every son born to the Hebrews into the Nile.

Chapter 2 –

A woman from the family of Levi had a very beautiful son and she hid him for three months trusting God over the Pharoah. At some point she could hide him no longer, she prepares a basket and places him in the Nile River. Pharoah’s daughter arrives to bathe and finds the basket. Moses is now saved from death.

He ultimately became the son of Pharoah’s daughter who names him Moses. He grows but is alarmed at the oppression of his people and rises against an Egyptian and kills him for assaulting and fighting with a Hebrew. Once he kills the Egyptian in fear he flees.

Chapter 3 –

Moses was an eighty-year-old man working for his father-law when things dramatically changed for him on Mount Horeb. Moses is about to have afresh encounter with God. The burning bush story now comes into play with Moses. Moses hid his face from God – in other words he took God seriously.

God had singled Moses to lead His people out of Israel but Moses found a series of excuses to try to avoid his calling and mission. Upon arguing with God we hear a familiar phrase from God “I am who I am.” By describing himself this way He is affirming His self-existence and self-sufficiency. Moses tells the people he is sent by the one true God.

God made it clear to Moses that Pharoah would not consent to freeing the people. As a result God would respond in ways of miraculous power. The Israelites and Moses were to act in faith trusting God for the outcome.

Chapter 4 –

Moses was still nervous asking what if they did not believe him. God instructs him to throw his staff on the grown then pick it up. This still wasn’t good enough. He says he has never been eloquent and his mouth is sluggish. God knew of the weaknesses of Moses and He is aware of ours but that should not be a deterrent to not follow the leading of God. Moses excuses wee to no avail.

Chapter 5 –

The moment of confrontation has arrived and Moses is standing before Pharoah telling Pharoah he is to let the people go. Pharoah could have avoided a great deal of grief had he listened to God speaking through Moses. Pharaoh refused to obey.

The Israelites had been in captivity and forced to make bricks so in order to punish them he took away the straw for making bricks but did not reduce the demand for bricks although now they had to obtain their own straw. The Israelites scattered throughout the land to collect stubble for the bricks.

Now comes the blame game – the people blamed Moses so he shifted the blame to God. He accused God of making matters worse since He had not yet delivered them.

Keep in mind God told Moses Pharoah would not listen what did he expect?

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