Bible Study Jan. 30

You will find some longer reading today chapters 43 to 47 but it is interesting reading when you look at it from a perspective of deliverance.

Chapter 43

The famine continues and Jacob’s family soon runs out of food so Jacob sends his sons to Egypt to buy food.  Restoration is about to take place in the household of Jacob. Joseph inquires if there are any additional brothers in the house and they reply there is one who Joseph sends for his younger brother Benjamin. Jacob reluctantly sends Benjamin to Egypt. In addition to Benjamin he sends several valuable gifts.

When they return, they are taken to Joseph’s house where a feast is prepared for them. When they arrive, they meet with Joseph’s chief steward and try to make amends for what had happened. Simeon is reunited with his brothers. When Joseph sees Benjamin, he cannot control himself and excuses himself to weep over his brother.

Here is something interesting they were seated s to their birth order and no Egyptians would have known that.

Chapter 44

As Joseph’s brothers prepare to leave Egypt there is one final test as the silver cup of Josephs is placed in the sack of Benjamin therefore framing Benjamin with theft. The penalty for such an act would have been for the guilty party to become the slave of Joseph. The brothers of Joseph have changed at this point in their lives when Benjamin is found with the cup they all tore their clothes.

Upon returning back to Joseph after the cup is found Judah steps up once again and asks to stay in behalf of Benjamin.

Chapter 45

Joseph, unable to contain himself any longer, sends everyone away and the reunion occurs. Joseph who could have been bitter says this “God sent me ahead of you to preserve life” (45:5). Sometimes we do not understand God’s plans but think about this if anything had changed in Joseph’s life the plans of God could have been thwarted.

Pharoah was moved and gave the best of the land of Egypt and the richness of the land to his family. Restoration is taking place. Joseph as they leave tell them not to argue on the way home since it had taken years to bring unity. Jacob is stunned to know his son is alive and his spirit is revived. Hold on God is about to reveal a new plan to His followers.

Chapter 46

Even though Jacob was excited about leaving to see Joseph he must have thought about the promised land God had told him about. God appears to Jacob in a dream and he sees this journey is part of the promised land promise.

Twenty-two years had passed since Jacob had seen Joseph. It must have been quite a reunion and Jacob is ready to die now that he has seen his son. Joseph counsels them in Egyptian culture by explain to them how they should tell Pharoah of their occupation.

Chapter 47

Joseph’s family meets Pharaoh, they asked to settle in Goshen and Pharoah consents. The promise to Abraham had three parts:

  • Multiplying his offspring,
  • Giving them the promised land,
  • Blessing all the families of the earth through them.

The famine drags on in the land. Under Joseph’s leadership the land avoids starvation, the Pharoah’s treasury is full of silver. Eventually the people of the land rum out of money and begin to barter with their livestock for food until all the horses, the flocks of sheep, the herds of cattle, and the donkeys in the region belonged to Joseph. Ultimately Joseph acquired all the land in Egypt for Pharoah requiring a tax of one fifth.

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